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“ Je vois une grosse différence entre le avant et après alors je suis parfaitement heureuse. Le docteur Samaha est incroyable. “

“ Après la procédure je me sentais bien dans ma peau, comme si j’avais 30 ans a nouveau! “

” Mon look est plus adouci, et est c’est vraiment naturel en plus! J’aime vraiment ça! ”

“ Le point le plus important, c’est clairement: aucune douleur! Ca je tient à le préciser, j’étais très sceptique lorsqu’on ma dit qu’il y aurait très peu de douleur. C’est pas PEU, c’est PAS de douleur! “

“I had a nose septum correction surgery with Dr. Samaha and can only be thankful and appreciative. I find him to be a great specialist – my surgery went excellent, during follow up visits he was attentive, responded to all questions. I strongly disagree with the negative comments and would say that patients should establish a better connection with their doctors to get better service.”

“Very happy. He operated on my deviated septum and blocked sinus cavities. He fixed a problem that several others doctors said that I had to live with. Very professional, knowledgeable and genuinely caring. Very happy and highly recommend him!”

“I had the pleasure of entrusting Dr.Samaha in performing plastic nasal surgery on me. I was scared at first, but he provided a comfort in the procedure and took me step by step into what would happen. He is an Amazing surgeon and I am 150% satisfied with the results and outcome. I couldn’t breath and had appearance issues with how I looked. He was great. I can now breath and hold my head high for I love everything about my “new nose”. I recommend him to everyone I know. Truly a great doctor.”

“Dr Samaha operated on me last August. I had a breathing problem for the past 2 years. Since my operation, I can breathe. I recommend him to anyone with breathing problems. He called me the day after my surgery to check up on me. Excellent doctor, very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. Thank you Dr Samaha, you saved me from going crazy. I can breathe!”

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