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The difference between good and exceptional is attention to detail and an uncompromising quest for continued improvement. It is this passion for excellence that drives the perfectionist approach that Dr. Samaha adopts in treating his patients and executing his surgical techniques.

Dr. Samaha’s approach centers around three fundamental principles: placing
the patient’s wishes, well-being and safety first; achieving the most natural and
long-lasting result that will be in harmony with the patient’s facial proportions;
and an uncompromising strive for the best quality care.

From the moment the patient is welcomed to our esthetic surgery centre, the patient receives the full attention of Dr. Samaha and his staff. The environment provided is comfortable, private, and professional. As every patient’s concerns and needs are different, Dr. Samaha’s goal is to understand the patient’s particular wishes for esthetic improvement and to devise an individualized plan specifically tailored to achieve the necessary refinements.

The goal of any esthetic surgery, particularly of the face, is to provide an improvement which enhances the patient’s sense of well-being. Dr. Samaha aims to achieve this through a natural and long-lasting esthetic outcome. Patients appreciate this natural appearance as they seek to avoid an “operated” and artificial look. Dr. Samaha uses time-tested, proven techniques combined with the most recent in cutting-edge technology, and an artistic touch to refine the patient’s features while maintaining an overall harmony in the facial proportions.

Our plastic surgery centre is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of care provided. From the consultation process, to the procedure, to the post-operative follow-up, every effort is made to make the experience pleasant and comfortable for the patient. Dr. Samaha’s emphasis on attention to detail is of utmost importance in providing the absolute finest quality of care available today.

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